Extra Credit: Evaluation

When I registered for this class, all I was thinking about was that I needed to fulfill my GE requirement. Throughout the whole semester, I learned so many new information about the types of art there are, the history of it, and how it all began. Art was never really “my thing,” but I enjoyed learning about it, going to the art galleries and talking to the artists. Talking to them allowed me to see their own perspective of the artwork, but I was also able to have my own view on it. Hearing about what inspired them to make the wonderful art that they make and what they thought about while making it was like catching a quick glimpse of the artists’ mind.

My three favorite activities were plaster casting, ethnography, and sketching in the garden!

I enjoyed the plaster casting activity simply because it was fun to go to the beach and work on the activity with my friend. Since the beach calms and relaxes me, it was just an enjoyable time even though I had to redo my hand because I terribly messed up on my first try.

I liked the ethnography activity because it was a different kind of experience just to get away from using electricity and not going on my phone. It was good to have time to myself and go back to doing the hobbies I used to do, even if it was for a little while.

My favorite activity would have to be sketching in the garden! It was an amazing experience and seeing it for the first time; it was beautiful. I was stunned to see how many koi fish there were, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many in a pond!

The three activities I least enjoyed were automatic drawing, finger painting, and zines/flip books. I can’t really say that I least enjoyed. Honestly, I just chose them because I didn’t do enough activities… Lol. Let’s just say I didn’t enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my favorite three!

The automatic drawing took a while to progress into something that looks like a drawing. It was a “spontaneous” kind of thing since we were just letting the marker/pen draw on its own without controlling it or making a design. I didn’t really like the finger painting because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Last but not least, the zines/flip books! I’m not a creative person so just working on them took hours because I couldn’t think of anything, but at the end, it was not so bad.

I think Slack and WordPress came in handy for this class. It made it easier for us to post our discussions and the videos were easily accessible as well. WordPress was good for our blog posts and since it’s our blog, we were able to put our own style into it and design it the way we want to, it made writing my blog posts more fun!




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