Week 13: Artist Conversation – Laura López

Exhibition Information

Artist: Laura López

Exhibition: Selvática

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Laura López is an artist from Columbia who is pursuing her Masters degree (MFA) in the CSULB’s School of Art Drawing and Painting Program. Her paintings are inspired by nature and jungles as she’s always admired the way nature builds and creates all sorts of life forms that are interconnected. She’s also inspired by the Philosophy of Pantheism, which envisions the whole universe as full of spirit and the intelligence of all life as a whole spiritual reality.

Former Analysis: Walking into the gallery, I felt a sense of relaxation. Usually, I’m not too fond of bright colors, however, her paintings had a type of balance that made the artwork very aesthetically pleasing. Her paintings were unique, yet beautifully made with a variety of different colors that really enhanced her work. The aspect of nature in her paintings were apparent and included a twist with the way she added different designs in them.

Content Analysis: All of her paintings related to nature like the forest or the jungle. Laura states, “I admire the intelligence of nature that is reflected in the way it continuously creates life through organic patterns of growth, that are full of beauty and wisdom.” Nature designs itself, growing the way that it wants to and spreading all over the world. Laura says that she psychologically perceives the jungle as her true home, as the space where she comes from, where her roots are planted and that she sees this bond as a metaphor that supports her creative life acting as inner force towards growth.

My Experience: I really enjoyed this exhibit and I have to say it is one of my favorites.  I admire her interest and passion for nature and the way it inspires her to create such magnificent artwork. Her paintings had so many intricate details, for example, the designs in her trees that made me wonder how long it must have took for her to complete it. Though I believe that the time she spent on her artwork was truly worth it because of the way her paintings turned out!



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