Week 6: Artist Story – Ariel Maldonado

Exhibition Information

Artist: Ariel Maldonado

Exhibition: Don’t Talk to Strangers

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery

Ariel Maldonado’s colorful artwork reminded me greatly of my childhood. Some of Maldonado’s pieces looked like a small ceramic playground while her other pieces with little rings around them looked like a toy I used to have when I was younger.

Walking into the gallery, I was filled with flashbacks of my childhood. Little kids about six or seven years old, running around the bright red playground and going down the slide that quite never seemed to end at that age. The playground was our adventure site, the place where our imaginations came to life and we had no worries in the world. We would pretend the driving wheel on the side of the playground was an actual car and while spinning the wheel, we’d imitate car noises to make it more realistic. The colors of Maldonado’s artwork are similar to that of the playground I saw in my flashback.



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