Week 6: Activity – Zines & Flip Books

I chose the title of my zine to be “Waves” because I’ve always found the sound of waves to be calming. On the front cover, I added a little circle with waves inside of it and wrote the title in cursive. I basically live by quotes which is why I decided I’d incorporate some of the quotes that I like into my zine. I even have a journal where I write my favorite song, movie, inspirational, and love quotes. On my first page, I have a quote by Winston Churchill which says “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” I drew a lion because I feel that they can be a symbol of strength and courage. On my third page, I drew a piano keyboard, microphone, music note, and headphones. Beside my drawings, I’ve added some movie and song quotes. The rest of my zine consists of more song and movie quotes with drawings that have some kind of connection to them. This was a fun activity and I enjoyed making my zine because there wasn’t a specific way I had to make it and it’s something that’s based on my interests and what I wanted to put in it.


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