Week 5: Automatic Drawing Activity

For the automatic drawing activity, I asked my mom to help me out and be my partner since she was home and seemed interested in what I was gonna do with a huge paper. Before we sat down, my mom and I looked for a hard surface to tape the paper so that it would not move around or mess up. We found a good sized cardboard and taped the paper on it. In the beginning, I have to admit it was kind of weird just sitting there holding a pencil that would not move. We sat and talked for a few minutes then closed our eyes and focused on letting the pencil move. After a while, the pencil started to move in all directions and we were laughing the whole time because it seemed silly and funny too. We let our hands move all over the paper until it filled up a good amount of it and then I grabbed a marker and traced it over to make the lines bold and darker. I can honestly say that I am not disappointed in the way that it turned out. It does look odd and all over the place, but I believe that was the point of the assignment—to allow your hand to move freely and let it draw.



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