Week 3: Artist Conversation – La Rosa

Exhibition Information

Artist: La Rosa

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Acrylic, watercolor, spray paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Instagram: LaRosa.Artist

In the art world, he goes by “La Rosa.” Unfortunately, during our visit to the gallery he was not available, however, I had the chance of contacting him through Instagram which allowed me to get to know more about him and his artwork. La Rosa is an undergraduate student who is working towards his BA degree in the Studio Arts Program. Although he has a passion for creating art and making something meaningful, he just recently started studying art. Before beginning his art study, he was studying business and fashion merchandising. La Rosa decided to get into the CSULB’s BFA program for drawing and painting, but sadly he was unable to as it would interfere with the timely graduation policy, so he states, “I’m just lucky to be studying art at all.”

Formal Analysis: The first painting that caught my attention as I walked into the gallery was the painting of a blue rose. The painting was inside of a white frame with floral designs that brought out the qualities of the rose. The canvas was painted in several different shades of blue, with a bit of white here and there. The canvas consisted of the blue rose which seemed to be painted in a type of gradient style blending from white into blue and the stem of the rose was painted green which added a pop of color to the whole painting. Below the painting wrote, “Her heart sank the moment she realized, at last, how much she wanted him.”

The other painting that I found fascinating was the love potion bottle. The canvas was painted in a beautiful shade of pink and it had a shattered love potion bottle with purple liquid pouring out of it. The artist states that this painting was made with acrylic and candle wax. The use of candle wax is obvious in the painting as it is made to look like a love potion pouring out of the bottle. The texture of the painting was not exactly rough, however, I could feel the uneven areas of the canvas where the candle wax was used. On the bottle, there was a label which wrote, “Drink: fall in love, repeat as necessary” and on the bottom of the painting, it said “Fall with me.”

Content Analysis: The painting of the blue rose, as the artist states, is meant to show an unorthodox way of painting a rose. Although the rose may look different, it is still recognized as beautiful. The concept of beauty is different for everyone and as cliché as this saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” it is unbelievably true. Some people may find a certain person, painting, object to be beautiful, however, others may not. The painting was intended to show that beauty is or may always be about perfection, but different can still be beautiful.

The painting of the love potion bottle, the artist states, explores human love. It is meant to signify how we humans sometimes want to be in love with love. The painting symbolizes that love, at times, can make us blind or it can be broken, make us feel broken, but it can still be beautiful in its nature and how we feel. Love may change us for the better or worse. It’s an emotion and a feeling that is beautiful in its own way, but it can also be heartbreaking.

My Experience: Looking at the paintings again and thinking about how the artist described them, I can honestly say that the blue rose and love potion bottle paintings connect with me most. These paintings are not just beautiful, but they provoke emotions that really allow us to connect with the paintings and the meaning behind them. La Rosa’s work is focused on getting his viewers to relate to his art and he states, “The inspiration behind my work is human emotion and the chase towards beauty. I believe that the purpose of art is to draw out emotion.”


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