Week 1: Plaster Casting Activity

On Thursday after class, my friend (Jocelyn) and I went to Seal Beach to work on the plaster casting activity. I bought my materials the day before so we were ready to go. When we arrived at the beach, we looked for a spot near the water and found a good place to dig a hole. After we dug the hole, I placed my hand inside while Jocelyn covered it with wet sand, patting it so that it can properly shape my hand. Then, I pulled my hand out being careful not to destroy the mold and continued on to the next step, which is to mix the plaster. After mixing the plaster, we poured the mixture into the hole and waited for thirty minutes. When it was time, we took the plaster out and realized that we did something very incorrectly so we decided to make another one and thankfully, we had enough plaster. For my first plaster, we did not add enough water so the mixture was thick and it did not properly sink into the mold. For the second plaster, we did the did the same first few steps, but added more water into the plaster mixture then poured it into the hole. After waiting thirty minutes, I pulled out my plaster and was satisfied with the result. This was a fun activity to do with my friend and since we have not been to the beach in a while, it was nice. I did not want to show my embarrassing first plaster so I covered it because it did not look like a hand at all, it was just a chunk of plaster (Lol).


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